Time to celebrate mothers

May 07, 2016

I feel pretty proud of myself this year.

I’m organised when it comes to Mother’s Day for a change.

I’ve managed to find my mother some nice presents and I’m looking forward to giving them to her in a week’s time — I’m not seeing my mum on Mother’s Day so it will be a belated celebration.

However, I would like to say that Mother’s Day was way more fun when I was in primary school.

Back then I would be given money from mum and dad in order to source mum’s present from the Irymple Primary School Mother’s Day stall.

My mum was actually one of  the parents who helped organise it and made things for it too.

In my opinion, some of  the best craft items available at the market were made by my mum.

She’s a very crafty lady but unfortunately craftiness is not genetic so I’m a bit of  a failure in those things.

Last year I made my friend Maddy a necklace for Christmas and I never heard if  she liked it or not so I’m going to assume that was a no.

When I think back to the amount of  money my sister and I scabbed off  our parents for the Irymple Primary School Mother’s Day stall I become more convinced that they are probably thankful those days are long gone.

Often my mum would be helping the other mothers sell items and I would hit her up for more money.

It was simple, I’d seen something she just had to have, she just didn’t know it.

When it came time to give her the 100 plus items I had bought for her I think I was more excited than her.

Poor mum and dad were woken up very early just so I — and my sister — could present our presents.

The idea that mum and dad may have liked a sleep-in after the working week never really occurred to me, though I did often wonder why they were never up at 6 am on Saturday to watch Rage  like I was.

After many an ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ from Mum about the presents we had gotten her, it was time for breakfast.

A meal she insisted had to be eaten at the kitchen table because it was not worth getting crumbs in the bed or spilling coffee on the bedcover.

Fair point, I accept that now.

But as a child I was a bit disappointed that she wouldn’t give in to this tradition or let me cook for her.

In retrospect it was probably good parenting to not leave cooking up to dad, my sister and myself.

I’m pretty sure us not cooking was the only reason my parents’ house didn’t burn to the ground in the 1990s.

Interestingly, we often say Mother’s and Father’s Days are for parents, but in reality I think they’re just as much for the children.

The excitement of  watching mum and dad open things you’ve brought for them when you’re a little kid is a lot of  fun and who doesn’t love having their parents go on about how you’re such an amazing gift selector.

I know I still love it! Hence why I’m organised this year.

To all the people shopping for their mums, grandmothers and aunts this year I wish you all the best of  luck when it comes time to hand the presents over tomorrow morning.

I also hope you enjoy this issue of  Weekend Life.

As always, if  you have any thoughts or ideas, feel free to email me at sionnie.kelly@sheppnews.com.au

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