Bulls known for quality genetics

By Country News

With more than 35 years in the business, Witherswood Angus owners John and Joan Woodruff are old hands at the beef industry.

After decades of work to build their reputation, the couple and stud manager Ian Peake said they were proud to be known for their bulls these days and would once again open their stud gates for Beef Week.

It is a focus on quality genetics that has driven the Woodruffs during the years, and following the purchase of two record-breaking bulls — Kingdom K35 and Klooney K42 — at a Milla Murrah sale in September 2015, the stud’s profile has only grown.

‘‘We really focus on the strength of breed and strength of our cow families to allow breeders to keep their own heifers for a future within their herd,’’ Mr Woodruff said.

‘‘Over the years we’ve sourced a lot of genetics to build a really strong line and we were probably one of the first Victorian studs that went to New South Wales when Booroomooka Angus were selling some of their females,’’ Mrs Woodruff said.

Finding two quality bulls at the sale was a stroke of luck according to Mr Peake.

‘‘To find two very successful bulls at one sale is incredible,’’ he said.

‘‘You might spend five to 10 years searching for a bull. You’re always looking; the perfect animal hasn’t been bred yet.’’

Having been involved in Beef Week since its inception more than 25 years ago, the Woodruffs said they were looking forward to welcoming visitors to the stud this year.

While the bulls Kingdom K35 and Klooney K42 are often big attractions, the stud will also showcase the rest of the herd.

‘‘We’ll have bulls that will be at our upcoming sale on display, Kingdom, weaned calves and heifers for heifer challenge,’’ Mr Peake said.

The week presented the perfect opportunity for prospective buyers to explore the herd and examine some of the 70 bulls that would be on offer at the stud’s yearly sale on March 20, the Woodruffs said.

Following on from a 100 per cent clearance at the stud’s inaugural female sale in October, they are hoping for a similar result.