Anglers left out in the cold

August 25, 2017

The yellow of the wattles in bloom along the rivers shows yellowbelly could be on the bite.

My, oh my, what another weekend of winter weather we have just experienced. I believe it almost snowed on Mount Major.

Well, it felt like it did. I must admit that I am just about over the cold; bring on sunshine and warmth, that is what I say.

With just one more week of the current cod season left, I have not rushed out to cast a line. In fact, I have become a couch potato, sitting in the warmth and enjoying a late-in-the-season win by my footy team. I say, with tongue firmly in cheek, that all is good.

Yes, we have just eight more days for the current cod season to run and it will remain closed until midnight on November30.

At the same time we will experience the re-opening of the trout season for all rivers and streams in the state.

The yellow of the wattles in full bloom along the rivers is an indication that yellowbelly should be on the bite but I have not heard of any being caught so far.

Would you believe that there were some who have been out and about, braving the cold to fish? I have reports of trout and some redfin being caught at Eildon.

Anglers using large lures have been catching an occasional cod in the deep water near the wall and trout at Dartmouth.

Anglers trolling Ford Fender attractors trailing a lure or bait such as a bunch of worms or a mudeye were getting the best results, mainly in the early morning. There has not been much news from Waranga Basin, although redfin were on the bite around Harrimans Point and near the kite flyers last week.

Both the Goulburn and Murray rivers have been high and dirty and there have been few reports of fish being caught in either, although some cod have been caught in the Broken River by anglers using surface lures.

Rod Lawn from Adamas Fishing Charters has his boat out of the water for maintenance.

He said whiting and calamari were being caught around the heads, in front of the cottage and also near the white lady mark near StLeonards.

Rod said some snapper were being caught along the inshore reefs at Ocean Grove and mulloway were biting in the Barwon River upstream of the boat ramp.

Off Hastings fishing was mixed, with whiting being caught among the grass beds and an occasional snapper along the rubble beds in the deeper water. Some gummy shark were also being caught in the shipping channel.

I have heard a number of anglers are fishing the Gippsland area and have been catching mullet, bream and other estuary fish, including whiting and trevally.

John Liddell, from Eden, said they’d had some pretty wild weather off the coast this week. This had encouraged anglers to fish the river estuary for a change. He said some good hauls of bream and flathead had been caught by anglers using hard-bodied lures and soft plastics as well as bait.

John said when anglers were able to go offshore, they were seeing bluefin tuna moving into the region and kingfish were also biting. Inshore action along the reefs provided anglers with hauls of snapper and morwong as well as flathead along the sandy bottom.

At Narooma, Graham Cowley said the bar at the mouth of the river had been too dangerous to cross, so offshore fishing had been a non-event for most of the week.

Graham said anglers wishing to wet a line confined themselves to the lake, and some bags of bream and flathead were caught around the oyster leases and other structures.

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