Rivers of plenty beckon

October 06, 2017

Mick Bourke shows his catch from Waranga Basin channel, using hard body lure.

Now that we are over the football season, well done, Richmond, bad luck, Crows. Let us get down to the serious business of fishing and might I say that things are really looking up. The Goulburn is getting back to its normal level and the water is becoming clearer and is starting to warm up.

These factors mean that the fishing is improving and once the bank dries a bit more, it should be ideal for the pursuit of line wetting and bait drowning. To be honest, I have been spending most of this week doing just that, not much joy as far as catching goes, but plenty of interest from the inhabitants of the river keeping me likewise interested.

Reports from across the region are also upbeat and Mick, the demon yellowbelly angler from Stanhope, bragging that he is picking up from where he left off last yellowbelly season with a fine pair of fish taken from his secret spot near his home.

Mick said he caught the fish using a lure and slow retrieve, and they were not far from the bank when they bit.

The basin is also fishing well and reports of redfin continue, bouncing a red-coloured hard body lure along the bottom seems to be getting the best results. Most fish are small, but an occasional whopper is being caught.

Just to clear up a matter that came up during the week: regarding the Murray River, it is definitely closed to fishing between Yarrawonga and Tocumwal. And speaking of the Murray, it likewise has been producing some nice yellowbelly. Anglers fishing among the snags are getting the best results with both bait and lures.

Boom time

At Eildon, it is boom time with plenty of action on a number of fronts. Yellowbelly and cod are being caught mainly along the rocky shelf and deep shoreline near the Fraser National Park. Remember, you can still keep cod that are caught in Eildon, but the usual regulations on size and bag limit apply.

Among the treeline around Peppin Point and the Bonnie Doon arm, redfin can be found in about 5m of water, just tie up to a tree and drop a bait down. If nothing happens after 10 or 15minutes, move to another tree until fish are located.

Deep-diving lures are also accounting for trout in front of the wall and also in some of the river arms, including Jamieson and the Big River Arm.

Trout fishing at Dartmouth is still providing plenty of action with most fish being caught early morning. Trolling a fender with worms or mud eye is the best method and in some cases they need some extra weight to get them to where the fish are feeding.

In the world of saltwater fishing, Rod Lawn and Peter Smallwood, from Adamas Fishing Charters, said fishing had been good.

The boys at Queenscliff said some snapper were being caught off shore around the moth of the Barwon River and gummy shark were biting in about 40m of water off Point Lonsdale.

The calamari fishing has slowed down due to the discoloured water.

Rod said in a four-hour session off the cottage they managed to boat just 10.

Peter said it was the same near St Leonards as well as off Portsea.

Peter said there was no sign of salmon in the Rip, but further down the coast, they were being caught on the flood tide by anglers using silver surface lures casting from the shore.

Snapping it up

At Eden, John Liddell said snapper and morwong were being caught along the inshore reefs. Best spots were in front of Boyd’s Lookout and also towards Green Cape.

He said some good-size flathead were also being caught on the sandy bottom in the same areas.

John said some kingfish were also being taken but they were getting hard to find.

He said knife jigs and live bait were the best method.

Off shore, things were slowing down and just a few tuna were reported as anglers prepare for the start of the marlin season.

Narooma is a similar story, according to Graham Cowley. He reported plenty of reef fish for anglers prepared to bottom bounce the reefs and good hauls of flathead along the sandy bottom near Montague Island.

Graham said off the shelf, some kingfish were being caught, mainly towards the northern end of the island. Trolling skirted lures seemed to work best until a school of fish could be located.

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