Casey notches 100th

By Tatura Guardian

Tatura player Sarah Casey notched her 100th GVL game on Saturday, against Rochester.

Casey has played six seasons with Tatura totalling 79 games, and two seasons and 21 games with arch rival Mooroopna.

She is a great volunteer for the Tatura club as a player, umpire and social committee co-ordinator.


Tatura 38 def Rochester 33

Tatura had a great start to its game against Rochester.

Great reading of the ball by Tatura defenders Emma Ryan and Molly Boyle saw them intercept in the goal circle, transitioning the ball down the court and resulting in Tatura goals.

At half-time the coaches made a couple changes, moving Roey Walls into goals which saw Tatura increase its accuracy and resulted in a five-goal win.

Best players: Madi Davis, Emma Ryan and Emila O’Connor.


Rochester 45 def Tatura 27

Tatura struggled to get its game going as a result of the pressure and speed of the Rochester team.

The goalers struggled with accuracy until the last quarter when young Stephanie Hicks went into the ring; she worked hard and teamed well with Jordyn Dealy.

Kobi Worner worked tirelessly in the defence position against taller opposition.

Cassie Worm also played a serviceable game.

Despite this, Rochester came away with an 18-goal win.

Best players: Kobi Worner, Kate Flynn and Cassie Worm.


Rochester 40 def Tatura 20

The Tat girls came out firing for Sarah Casey’s 100th GVL game.

Intercepts all the way down the court were the result of Tatura’s defensive pressure and the team capitalised on these by converting to goals.

Every player worked on their individual goals and came together as a team to back each other up.

Rochy was too good on the day but it was the best performance of the Tatura B-reserve girls so far.

Exciting times ahead in Mansfield next week.

Best players: Lee Hapurona, Sarah Clack and Hannah Watt.

17 and Under

Rochester 61 def Tatura 39

Rochester is a fast and tall team and had a great first quarter to take a 16-goal lead into quarter-time.

At quarter-time Tatura coach Molly Boyle asked her team to apply defensive pressure down the court at all times.

This saw Tatura improve on the first quarter with Kylah Parker (WA) doing some great attacking work in the goal circle.

Great movement and presentation by Olivia Vraca in goals saw Tatura evenly matched with with Rochester for the quarter.

Emily Wilson provided great defensive pressure on the Rochester attackers.

Although Tatura was defeated by 22 goals, it was an even contest for the last three quarters.

Best players: Olivia Vraca, Emily Wilson and Lauren McMahon.

15 and Under

Rochester 29 def Tatura 24

Rochester gained an early advantage in the first quarter, but Tatura steadied with strong defensive pressure all the way through the court.

Rochester pushed the score out to a seven-goal margin but Tatura never gave up and went down by just four goals in a closely contested and high-standard game.

Best players: Lucy Somers, Maya Rutherford and Savannah Clothier-Harris.