Dogs win all grades

By Cobram Courier


Strathmerton 48

d Yarroweyah 40

Strathmerton kept persisting in miserable conditions to take the win in the last quarter.

There was fantastic defensive pressure all over the court and great goaling by Britt, who stepped up in Kyley’s absence.

Awards: Rach Olson (Wingates) and Kasey Baker (Railway Hotel).


Strathmerton 43

d Yarroweyah 34

Despite the conditions, Strathmerton managed to come away with a good win.

There was great defensive pressure all over the court with lots of hands over the ball and tips here and there. Players just need to ensure they are switched on at all times and backing each other up when there are tips.

Awards: Corinne Lancaster (Strathy Cafe) and Karen Duckworth (KAFS Fruit Supply).


Strathmerton 48

d Yarroweyah 27

The Bulldogs are finally starting to click as a team.

Sheree was a star in centre, pulling intercepts from everywhere.

Awards: Sheree Bailey (Strathy Pub) and Naomi Payne (Strathy Café).


Strathmerton 31

d Yarroweyah 13

The Bulldogs went in hard and did not let a wet, slippery ball deter them.

The defence was amazing, backing up the attackers all the way to the goalers.

Awards: BOC Jodi Brooks (Railway Hotel) and Aimee Fletcher (Intersport).


No game.


Strathmerton 25

d Yarroweyah 10

The Bulldogs enjoyed their first win of the season, showing the skills they have been working on at training.

The girls demonstrated great teamwork and encouragement.

Awards: Gabby Mahoney (Subway), Mackenzie Stephens (Strathy Café) and Bridie Chester (Subway).


Strathmerton 25

d Yarroweyah 9

The ball was heavy and slippery, but Strathmerton adapted to the conditions.

There were some great passages of play.

Awards: BOC Hannah (Wingates) and Emily (Cobram Photography Towel).


The girls have improved so much and can see what they do at training starting to pay off.