Youngsters ducking out of life’s challenges

January 18, 2018

Line up behind me please - eyes front.

Come back here - what's the matter with you lot? You can't duck out of life's challenges like that. There's going to be a lot worse ahead.

Okay mum I'm right behind you ...

This way ... follow me. Nothing to be afraid of.

Come on follow me everyone - quick quick.

Right, let's all try again. Follow me.

This mother duck and her brood were spotted trying to cross Riverview Dve this week.

Like any mum with a large family, she struggled to keep order as her little ones wandered about near the busy road.

News photographer Holly Daniel said while the mother duck and her family cautiously made their way along the grass verge, when it came to cross the road, her ducklings were just not brave enough to take the plunge.

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