Wind blows away net gains

March 02, 2018

Mooroopna’s Matt Dyson shows the 115 cm Murray cod caught in the Murray near Echuca this year.

Once again, it has been a week of less-than-ideal conditions for fishing. The wind was strong enough to blow a dog off its chain and thus making it unfavourable for both saltwater and freshwater fishing.

Two huge gum trees came down up river from my usual fishing spot and they have partially blocked the river for boating.

Fortunately, they were far enough away from where I sit not to pose a danger but they do serve as a warning to all, that strong winds, followed by a period of calm, can result in big trees falling or dropping branches and sitting or camping under them is fraught with danger.

Island of plenty

Meanwhile, Paul the butcher and his mates are back from their trip to Flinders Island.

He reported they had great success, with plenty of gummy shark, good-sized flathead and some nice kingfish, which I can tell you was delicious.

Thanks Paul for that taste, it went down well.

Around the traps, I received a report from Eppalock which was not favourable. Only three redfin were caught after eight hours of angling.

On the way home, the anglers stopped off at the Basin for a similar result, and none of the fish were worth writing home about size-wise.

Trout with care

Yellowbelly and cod are being caught along the treeline at Mulwala and also among the snags in the Murray River near Barmah and Ulupna Island.

I also received reports of yellowbelly around the Murchison section of the Goulburn River. Bait and spinner baits were used by the successful anglers.

Trout are still being caught at Lake Dartmouth, but anglers say they are down at about 10m.

Lead line and down riggers are needed during the day but the fish are feeding among the treeline during early mornings and at dusk.

Fenders trailing bait such as worms or mudeye are the best method.

Trout are also deep around the wall at Eildon and once again early mornings and dusk are the best time to fish for them.

The rivers and streams in the north-east are worth wading.

Both lures and bait casting are getting results.

Grasshoppers and black crickets as well as the ever-reliable worm or mudeye are the best baits.

You may need to use split shot on your line to be able to cast any distance.

Cyclone damage

The cyclone off the NSW coast has been responsible for some huge seas and this has curtailed fishing activities around Eden, according to John Liddell.

He said Freedom Charters were limited to just a couple of trips during the week. Most catches were snapper and morwong and some rat-sized kingfish.

There was no activity off the shelf and game boats are still waiting for the water temperature to become favourable for late-season marlin fishing.

At Queenscliff, Rod and Peter, from Adamas Fishing Charters, say they have had plenty of success when the weather permitted.

They had good hauls of calamari near the Cottage and also off Portsea.

Pinky snapper are in about 30m of water off Barwon Heads and large-sized flathead are biting on fresh fillets of fish around the sandy bottom.

Some blue shark are also being caught off the coast around the 60 fathom mark, but be prepared to run berley for about four hours to attract a bite.

Rod said gummy shark were biting around dusk on the run-out tide in Western Port, and some pinky snapper were also being angled around Hastings and whiting near the submarine.

At Narooma, Graham Cowley said they were seeing good hauls of kingfish taking skirted lures off Montague Island and plenty of jumbo flathead along the sandy bottom.

Lake beckons

He said when it was too rough to go offshore, a pleasant hour or two could be had fishing around the structure in the lake, casting soft plastics or lures, which attracted flathead and bream.

James Luddington said plenty of gummy shark were biting and the best bait was garfish or fillets of fish as well as some good-sized flathead although the latter were fewer in numbers.

The best method was to drift the channels around Lady Baron.

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