Pushing body to the limit

March 05, 2018

CrossFit Shepparton owner Deanna Mawson and coach Tareke Le Lievre encourage everyone to come down and find out more about CrossFit.

Strength, endurance and fitness is being put to the test at CrossFit Shepparton.

The gym is completing the CrossFit games, a five-week program run annually testing the agility of its finest members.

Each weekend CrossFit members come together to complete a workout designed by American Dave Castro.

Competitors submit their scores online, being placed on a ladder and ranked against everyone else in the world.

At the end of the five weeks, the top 30 people in Australia go to Sydney to compete against each other, with the top five from those rounds heading to America.

CrossFit Shepparton owner Deanna Mawson said the games were a great way to test the hard work members had put in during the year.

‘‘Everyone from the strongest person in the gym to the most unfit can do it,’’ Ms Mawson said.

‘‘CrossFit is a real community of like-minded individuals... anyone can come in and do the same workout it doesn’t matter on your fitness level.’’

The high-intensity workouts vary each week, involving a combination of weight-based training and cardio.

Ms Mawson said an average workout could involve hanging from bars, weight lifting, rowing, riding, or using your own body weight instead of equipment.

‘‘A popular saying we follow is ‘we are the machines, our bodies are the machines’,’’ she said.

‘‘Functional fitness teaches people to prepare their bodies for things in life.’’

While the training style is popular worldwide, it is based on the style and professionalism of military training police, CFA, ambos and other forces use.

Some 35 CrossFit Shepparton members are completing the five-week program to track their progress.

‘‘No-one here is going to the games, but the competition is a big community builder, which gets every together,’’ Ms Mawson said.

‘‘You can see where you rank and then if you do it every year you get to see your improvements.’’

Ms Mawson said the members trained for life and were encouraged to get out of the gym and use the fitness they had developed out in real world situations.

‘‘We encourage everyone so that when they’re doing other things they can see the improvements in their bodies,’’ she said.

Week two of the workouts begin on Saturday and Ms Mawson encouraged everyone to come down between 8am and 4pm to see what it involves. CrossFit Shepparton is at 7995 Goulburn Valley Hwy, Kialla. For more information, head to CrossFit Shepparton on Facebook or Instagram.

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