Ford Model Ts rally in town

March 13, 2018

Murtoa’s Greg and Debra Russell in their Ford Model T yesterday.

More than 30 people gathered at the Victoria Lake Caravan Park for a rally at the weekend.

‘‘You can’t kill them with a stick,’’ Debra Russell says of the green Roadster she and her husband Greg own.

Built in 1922, the old Ford Model T is closing in on the 100-year-old mark, but runs as well as ever — after the couple had the original engine refurbished.

‘‘I bought it about 10 years ago from a guy in Horsham,’’ Mr Russell said.

‘‘I had tried getting it for ages, but he relented. I eventually convinced him with money, but it’s cost me more since.’’

Mr Russell said the Fords weren’t an easy drive.

‘‘You actually have to learn how to drive them, they’re not like modern cars. They go about 40m/h (64km/h), have two gears and the accelerator is on the steering wheel,’’ he said.

Fifteen Ford Model Ts cruised into Shepparton at the weekend as part of the Model T Club of Victoria’s yearly rallies.

‘‘There was Fords here of all shapes and sizes. Even a couple of left-hand-drive ones but I think ours was the oldest,’’ Mrs Russell said.

‘‘About 30 or 40 people were here, we were quite impressed with Shepparton. It’s good fun.’’

Mrs Russell and her husband travelled from Murtoa, near Horsham, for the rally, but said people came from as far as Gippsland, Ballarat and Melbourne.

The Model T Club of Victoria was established in 1980 and hosts rallies across Victoria every year.

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