Animal attraction entertains Harmony Village residents

April 20, 2018

Cheeky the parrot lived up to his name, taste-testing Beryl Burgess' glasses.

Isabella Knight feeds Zarah the alpaca.

Anna Jonkers enjoyed the animals.

Thelma Watt holding Cookie the chicken.

Maureen McLaren with Mal the rabbit.

Harmony Village residents enjoy the animal visit.

Harmony Village residents were treated to a visit from an array of animals from fluffy alpacas to slimey lizards recently.

Harmony Village’s Karene Sutherland said they tried a new service for the visit, with the aged-care facility often having animal visits throughout the year.

Meshelle Catalano from Marshelvali Farm in Carag Carag said it was priceless to see the residents enjoying the animals’ company.

‘‘We love what we do,’’ she said.

Ms Catalano said some of the ex-farmers would assist with feeding the baby goats, calf and alpacas.

‘‘All of our animals have been hand-raised, so they’re super friendly.’’

Several residents commented on how soft the animals were, getting the chance to nurse chickens and rabbits.

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