Art attack beggars belief

June 13, 2018

KidsTown duty supervisor John Houkes with the lone remaining Bananas in Pyjamas cow, B2.

Love them or hate them, Greater Shepparton’s Moooving Art cows are synonymous with the region.

The ever-changing public art exhibition of life-sized 3D cows have been a recognisable symbol of the district for almost two decades.

Since their introduction in 1999-2000, the painted fibreglass cows are often what visitors remember most about their stay and the cattle have become known far and wide for their changing personalities.

Moooving Art pays homage to the strength of the dairy industry in Greater Shepparton.

The region produces a large percentage of Australia’s dairy exports, making the bovine a natural choice for the exhibition.

According to its website, Moooving Art was initially a unique and innovative way to increase the dairy profile, while also increasing public art in the region.

It therefore beggars belief the much-loved Bananas in Pyjamas-themed cows, located in the SPC KidsTown car park, were the target of reckless vandals and thieves, once again.

B1 was taken from the concrete slab it was attached to at the weekend.

In addition to the crime being distasteful, it also shows an incredible disrespect for the community, given the cow’s symbolic nature.

It was only three years ago, in mid-2015, the same pair was damaged during a vandalism incident.

At the time, The News reported the Spiderman cow at SPC KidsTown and the country cow at Victoria Park Lake were seriously assaulted.

Although the Spiderman cow remained at the scene, it was so badly damaged it was removed from the herd of more than 90.

This followed on from the Bananas in Pyjamas cows suffering the same fate just days earlier. While the incidents show disrespect to the community, they are also acts that caused much concern to the artist who has spent many hours creating the eye-catching pieces.

Artist Tank expressed his disappointment with the recent theft of his art, which are worth up to $6000 each.

The News hopes B1 is returned to his rightful home in the near future and this marks the end of the community’s ‘udder’ disappointment when it comes to Moooving Art vandals.

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