No-one wants to do the dirty work, as cleaning jobs go unfilled

By Morgan Dyer

At a time when the unemployment rate has skyrocketed to its highest point in nearly two decades it’s hard to believe businesses would be struggling to find employees.

However, Shepparton’s Cleen Servicez Groop is facing that exact problem.

During the pandemic the local cleaning service said its business had increased by around 60 to 70 per cent, yet finding hardworking, reliable employees to fulfill the workload was proving to be dirty work.

Cleen Servicez Groop administration officer Ali Reza said the business was grateful for the spike in work but believed the JobSeeker payments were more attractive to some people.

“We have been very fortunate that our business is one of the few businesses that have not been hit by the pandemic,” Mr Reza said.

“We can only put people on causally for now because after the pandemic business may slow down again.

“But it’s hard to find casual staff at this time of the year because the JobSeeker payments look really attractive and (some) would rather the payment instead of working.

“Three of our regular causal staff continue to say they are sick which is the best excuse not to work at the moment,” he said.

Mr Reza said local offices, schools and childcares continued to increase their cleaning services.

“Some of the businesses we used to clean weekly, we are now cleaning daily or some three times a week,” Mr Reza said.

“We take care of around three government schools in the area and we clean them five days a week, three times a day.

“We spend around eight hours a day at each school and that takes a minimum of five to six staff per school,” he said.

The business said the job wasn’t “rocket science” and someone looking for casual employment who was hardworking, reliable and had a bit of knowledge of the cleaning industry would be suited to work for the company.

“It's great to have a lot of work but you need good staff to support that,” Mr Reza said.

For more information, contact Cleen Servicez Groop via email

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