From the archives: Back to the site 72 years later

By Shepparton News

Greg McCoy sent in a photo of his mother Dorothy ‘Dot’ McCoy.

Mr McCoy took his mother to the mall recently to re-create a photo of her taken in town 72 years ago.

The original photo was taken in 1946 when Mrs McCoy was 17.

She was working as a photo developer at J.W. Every, which was in Maude St, where the mall now is.

Mrs McCoy turns 89 in October and agreed to re-create the photo while she was still able to do so.

Although the streetscape has changed significantly, Mr McCoy found what they think was the exact same spot, minus the gutter because of the mall development.

Mr McCoy said the bike was the same one his mother had all those years ago and it could still be ridden if not for the flat tyres.