Perfect hang-out for mates

By Ashlea Witoslawski

With flags, couches and a hanging disco ball, the Nightingale family’s shed has become a popular venue for kicking back.

About three years ago, Brodie Nightingale decided it was time to turn the family’s shed into the ultimate ‘‘man cave’’.

Off from work due to a knee reconstruction, the security technician, 24, spent the bulk of this time decorating the space.

‘‘I remember wheeling around in my wheelchair laying carpet tiles because I had nothing else to do,’’ he said.

With no plan in mind, Brodie quickly began transforming the space for its drab beginnings into the perfect space for his mates.

‘‘All that was in here was a bar and a TV bracket on the wall,’’ he said.

Sporting memorabilia, flags, and special trinkets fill the shed, with barely a blank space to be found.

‘‘The longer you look, the more you’ll find,’’ Brodie said.

Most weekends you will find Brodie in the man cave with mates either enjoying a quiet drink in front of the PlayStation 4 or hosting a more lively event, with his brother Shannon hitting the DJ decks.

Brodie also set up the shed with Wi-Fi and Foxtel.

Brodie’s mother Bronwyn says she loves the improvements, but is often not allowed in anymore.

‘‘I have to book a time, but it’s hard to get a look in these days,’’ she laughed.

Brodie says the cost of transforming the space was relatively cheap, as he often hunted for bargains and kept a limit of less than $100.

Brodie hopes to install fans in the near future to keep the space cooler during the summer months.

He also wants to continue filling the roof with flags until the roof is also completely covered.