The Great Global Greyhound Walk is on this Sunday

By Ashlea Witoslawski

People are looking forward to taking part in The Great Global Greyhound Walk this Sunday at Victoria Park Lake in Shepparton.

The annual dog-walking event aims to raise the profile of rescued and retired greyhounds, showing the world what great companions these dogs make.

The first event began in the United Kingdom in 2010 and has since become a free, worldwide walk including sighthounds and all other dog breeds.

Last year, 6387 sighthounds took part in The Great Global Greyhound Walk, the largest tally in the event’s history.

Greyhound lovers Liz Breukink, of Benalla, and Roslyn Russell, from Shepparton, are hoping to make this year’s walk the biggest one to be organised in the Goulburn Valley yet.

Hosting the first one in Shepparton in 2016, the pair want to showcase the wonderful nature of their beloved pooches.

‘‘We want to get these dogs more out in the public,’’ Ms Breukink said.

‘‘Greyhounds are gentle dogs — they are like cats.

‘‘They’re like onions, they keep exposing new layers to you and people don’t realise how different they can be.’’

The Great Global Greyhound Walk is on Sunday at Victoria Park Lake, Shepparton, from 9.30am.

This is a free event and all dogs are invited to take part.

All attendees are invited back to the Parklake Restaurant after the event.

For more information, phone Liz on 0410043218 or Roslyn on 0438196968.