Bourchier Street Primary School Students’ voices heard

By Madeleine Caccianiga

Bourchier Street Primary School is helping create an eco-friendly world thanks to the Student Voice Team of nine.

The group of Year 6 students meets regularly to discuss school matters and organise new and improved projects for the school.

Giving up time out of their lunch break, committee member Chloe Bray said sometimes planning could take up all their free time.

‘‘We have a little bit of fun now and then but we know we have work to do and if we’re working on a project it takes time to organise everything,’’ Chloe said.

The group meets every second Friday with a representative from each class throughout the school to hear the voices from younger students.

‘‘The class reps ask their class what ideas they have for the school and we try to enforce those ideas — it’s a way of making sure everyone gets a say,’’ committee member Maeve Wehner said.

Believing the students’ voices should be heard, school assistant principal Gary D’Arma said the team had achieved a number of projects including contacting Greater Shepparton City Council to implement waste bins for each classroom.

‘‘We’ve tried to give this group their own voice, so it’s not the teachers’ ideas, the ideas are generated from the student body,’’ Mr D’Arma said.

Maeve said the waste project had saved the school thousands of dollars.

‘‘We contacted the council and now we’ve just got these little bins so you can put all your organic waste in them, along with purchasing green bins for outside waste,’’ she said.

The project was concluded with a visit from council to educate the students about the bins.

The team’s latest project is the production of the School News podcast.

‘‘Right now we are learning how to make a podcast, which allows us to inform other students about what’s going on around the school,’’ Maeve said.

Mr D’Arma said the students had demonstrated how to enact change and had accomplished projects quickly.