Locals celebrate weight loss achievements

By Ashlea Witoslawski

Residents celebrated weight loss achievements at the annual TOWN Clubs Recognition Night 2019.

TOWN — take off weight naturally — clubs support members throughout their weight loss journey to reach their goals in a healthy way.

Located in Shepparton, Sherbourne TOWN Club meets every Tuesday, at which members are weighed and enjoy a range of guest speakers as well as a chat and morning tea, checking in and maintaining the accountability of one another.

Leader Sue Trevaskis, who has been involved with the Sherbourne club for 21 years, said there was about 50 members, of all ages and sizes, supporting one another.

‘‘Everyone has their weight loss demons,’’ she said.

‘‘It’s not about shakes or potions, it’s everyday, healthy eating.’’

Weighed weekly from April 1 to March 31, the group travelled to Melbourne on May 18 for the annual award night where members joined 30 other groups from across the state.

On the night, each group takes part in a parade, led by the leader, before the group’s leader, queen and graduate of the year are presented with buttons.

Sherbourne queen of the year — an award given for the largest weight loss total — was Donna Turner, who lost 24kg this year. She was also runner-up in the state.

The group’s graduate for the year — awarded to the member for maintaining their goal weight — was Beryl Murfitt, who also took out the state title for the second year in a row.

‘‘Forty-seven times she was on her goal weight and three times she was under,’’ Ms Trevaskis said.

Ms Trevaskis said her group lost a total of 90kg this year.

She also said this was the third time the group had attained the state title of queen and second time for graduate.

‘‘I was so rapt,’’ she said.

Sherbourne TOWN Club meets on Tuesdays from 9am at Shepparton Baptist Church, 600 Wyndham St, Shepparton. Each meeting costs $5 and all are welcome. For information, contact Sue Trevaskis on 0419693529.