Shepparton woman creates special mementos

By Shepparton News

A Shepparton woman has found a way to keep her loved ones close to her forever and is now sharing her unique skills with the region.

After losing her mother in 2017, Liss Trickey wanted to do something with her mother’s remaining ashes.

She discovered a company that sold do it yourself jewellery kits that incorporated human DNA in the finished product.

Ms Trickey said she was so inspired by the kit that she decided to turn her passion into a business.

‘‘I just wanted her to feel close to me all the time, me and mum had a really close relationship,’’ she said.

‘‘I found some healing in making jewellery from mums ashes and i thought if I got a sense of healing then I would like to offer that same healing to others who have lost their loved ones.’’

Now an accredited Artisan, Ms Trickey is launching her Business Beautiful Beyond Earth .

Breast milk, ashes, umbilical cords, placentas, hair, animal dna and dried flowers can be all crafted into a range of special pieces.

‘‘It’s such an honour to be trusted with precious inclusions because it’s not easy handing over these things’’ she said.

Rings, pendants, necklaces, beads, bracelets and special crafted statues are just a few of the items that can be created.

Each piece is thoroughly discussed before the process begins to ensure clients needs and desires are achieved.

‘‘We talk about what I can do, what I have done and together we come up with an idea,’’ she said

‘‘If anyone has any concerns or questions I am more than happy to answer them’’.

The niche skill has spread across the world in the past five years.

Beautiful Beyond Earth will have a launch party at the Peppermill in Shepparton on Sunday 7th July from 2pm.

The afternoon will showcase Ms Trickey designs and will give locals the opportunity to learn more about the business.

‘‘Everyone is welcome to come and it will give me the opportunity to talk to people about my designs and get the idea out into the community,’’ she said.

To find out more, head to Beautiful Beyond Earth Facebook page.