Syrian culture celebrated in Shepparton

By Laura Briggs

Diversity was celebrated once again at the Greater Shepparton City Council’s monthly Culture Corner event.

People had the opportunity to experience the Syrian culture by having a traditional feed and lounging in true Syrian style in the centre of Shepparton’s Maude St Mall on Saturday.

Syrian community member Sanaa Alzyab said the event was a chance for her people to connect with residents and share their culture.

‘‘We would like everyone to learn about our culture and our country, so this is a good way for that to happen,’’ she said.

Ms Alzyab said while multiculturalism was rapdily expanding in Greater Shepparton, she believed the Culture Corner events were a way of celebrating the many different cultures that were respresented in the area.

Ms Alzyab said she was pleased with the number of people who engaged with the event and showed interest in the Syrian culture.