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Shepparton police self-isolating after visiting officer’s positive COVID-19 result

By Charmayne Allison

UPDATE, 5:00pm

Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews has assured Shepparton police station will be backfilled as 16 officers self-isolate after coming into contact with a Melbourne police member infected with COVID-19.

"My advice from Victoria Police (is) this is not the first member of Victoria Police that's tested positive or the first instance where a number of people who would normally work out of a given station won't be able to work," Mr Andrews said.

"That's why Victoria Police have got more recruits and they've ever had, so they can move people around.

"That's the most recent advice I've got - that they… will backfill to make sure there's no compromise to community safety and community policing... in Shepparton and the Goulburn Valley."


Sixteen Shepparton police officers are self-isolating after a Melbourne police member who visited Shepparton last week tested positive for COVID-19.

But Victoria Police insists there will be "no impact" on police resourcing in town due to the incident.

The sworn member based at Crime Command in the Spencer Street complex received the positive test result on Thursday, the force confirmed on Friday.

The police officer had been in Shepparton last week.

As such, 16 police from Shepparton have also been directed to self-isolate immediately and will be tested.

The area occupied by the police at Shepparton police station has been blocked off and was professionally deep-cleaned Thursday night.

A thorough assessment of the impact on other police personnel and the community is being undertaken to identify any further close contacts.

"Police resourcing in Shepparton has not and will not be affected because of this," a Victoria Police spokesperson said.

"Victoria Police’s priority first and foremost is to ensure the safety of its people and the community."

The Crime Command office area was professionally deep-cleaned Thursday afternoon, with other police personnel asked to not attend the office during this time.

Twelve police members from the work area have been directed to self-isolate immediately and will be tested.