Learn to create quilting masterpieces

By Morgan Dyer

The Murchison Neighbourhood House is inviting Greater Shepparton residents to take part in quilting workshops.

The unique workshops give individuals the opportunity to learn how to quilt and also the satisfaction of completing the entirety of a quilt without outsourcing the final steps.

The house purchased the state-of-the-art quilting machine last year after volunteers from the House fundraised relentlessly for two years.

Quilting instructor Donna Harrison said the machine was a great asset for the local community.

“We are trying to encourage more people to come here and use the machine to do their own quilts,” Ms Harrison said.

The House recently extended and refurbished the room to accommodate the workshops.

Many people who take part in quilting know putting a quilt together on a normal-sized sewing machine takes a lot of effort and often cannot be completed.

However, this machine was designed for quilting and has a throat of 30 to 35cm, meaning it has a large stitching area.

Workshop participant and active quilt maker Narelle Warwick said the machine makes sandwiching three pieces of fabric together an easy task.

“Its not hard once you get past the fear, it's no different to a sewing machine,” Ms Warwick said.

“I’m like a kid in a candy store — I get very excited using it.

“It's actually so easy compared to trying to quilt on a home sewing machine, which you get frustrated with." 

The House is also extending an open invitation to the region to join in the fun of the House's Needle and Thread Craft Group.

Every Friday from 12 noon to 3pm the group comes together to take part in individual and group craft and sewing projects.

Group members can offer support and advice on a range of different craft projects.

Ms Harrison participates in the group and said it is great way to socialise. 

“You can do a variety of things: sewing, knitting, everything craft, just not painting,” she said.

The group members often sell their creations, including quilts, at local market stalls and at the House.

The sewing group costs $3 per session to attend and the quilting workshops are available by appointment for $30 an hour.

For more information contact Murchison Neighbourhood House on (03) 5826 2373.