My Pet - Who said a dog and cat can’t be friends?

By Madeleine Byron

When visiting the Finch and McIntosh residence you will be greeted by a warning bark followed by a welcoming grumble from labrador Archie.

Once making your way past the lovable canine you will spot a small, grey Devon rex feline sunning himself in the window — Archie’s best friend, Nolan.

Although both are two years old, the duo only met a few months ago when the family moved from North Shepparton to Kialla.

Owner Kaylee Finch said the couple brought Archie home from Cohuna when they first moved in together.

“He picked us,” she said.

Leaving the “naughty puppy behaviour” behind in North Shepparton, Archie now rules the roost at Kialla.

“When he was about six months old my partner Tim and I went to Bendigo for the day and when we got home, he had cut his foot open,” Ms Finch said.

“That was a big vet bill and about three weeks of operations and quiet time.”

Ms Finch said the couple did not decide on adopting a cat — she met Nolan and had to have him.

“I hadn’t heard of this type of cat until I went around to a workmate's house who was breeding them,” she said. "I held him and I decided I wanted one, so when they decided to get out of breeding, I went around to get to know him.”

It was not love at first sight for the family pets; however, with a little gentle love and care they became best friends.

“Nolan’s very affectionate and I think Archie just accepted it,” Ms Finch said.

She said Nolan is a “high maintenance cat”.

“We have to bath him every couple of weeks and cut his nails weekly because he doesn’t have much hair — allowing him to scratch his skin,” Ms Finch said.

“People come around and ask me what’s wrong with my cat and then they meet him and love him.”


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