Molly finds her forever family

By Shepparton News

Molly, a timid but beautiful two-year-old German shepherd/Staffordshire bull terrier cross, has found her forever home with a Shepparton couple.

Something about Molly’s face caught Rachelle and Nathan Vincent’s attention when they were looking online for dogs in need of rehoming and, just as they have given her a home, Molly in turn has enriched their lives.

“I have an auto-immune disease so I have days, and sometimes weeks, where I’m not well but I fight through it because Molly needs to be fed, she needs to be walked and needs attention,” Rachelle said.

“She knows when I’m not well or in pain, she is a great companion.”

After years of wanting a dog, but unable to keep one because they were renting, Rachelle said when they finally bought their own home, she started looking at rescue dogs straight away.

“We started looking online and saw Molly and saw that she’d already been returned to the rescue place twice; I don’t know why but that really upset me,” Rachelle said.

I've got it: Molly might be timid but is quick to catch a ball.

Their first meeting, at the home of a Shepparton Animal Rescue and Rehoming foster family, didn’t go as well as the Vincents planned, but they decided to take Molly home on a two-week trial anyway.

“She was so timid at that first meeting; we spent a good hour just trying to pat her,” Rachelle said.

“The first three days here at home she wouldn’t come near me, every time I went near her, she ran away and I was so upset, because all I wanted to do was love her.

“I started crying and she came over to me and started licking my tears away, and ever since then she’s been my best friend.”

Molly is still timid, but doesn’t tremble and put herself to bed when the couple has visitors, as she did in the beginning.

Our dog: The Vincents say welcoming Molly into their home and made their family complete.

“She was so frightened of everyone and didn’t even know how to play; we bought her toys and she would sit and look at them, she didn’t know what to do,” Rachelle said.

“After a few weeks she started licking at them, and now she loves fetching the ball and playing. It’s amazing to see how far she has come.

“I think that’s maybe why she was returned to the rescue place twice; I suppose when people get a puppy, they expect that puppy playfulness and craziness but Molly wasn’t like that at all.

“People don’t understand they need to be patient, especially with rescue animals because they have usually had a rough start to life.”

Molly and the couple’s cat, Jangles, get on “as well as any cat and dog do” Rachelle said, and welcoming Molly into their lives had made their family complete.

“I felt like I needed to nurture something and Molly has been that for me,” Rachelle said.

"We just feel so lucky to have her.”


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