My Pet: Mieko the mini-lop bunny

By Ilias Bakalla

What Mieko the rabbit lacks in brains she more than makes up for with charm.

The grey mini-lop lives with her three owners, Holly Tregenza and Beth and Josh Taylor, in their Kalimna Dve home in Mooroopna.

They call themselves the Kalimna Dve Crew (KDC).

Mieko hopped into the KDC via a Gumtree ad two years ago, not 24 hours after Beth decided she wanted a rabbit.

Holly claims that Beth has so much love to give and she really wanted a pet.

Mieko sniffing out a carrot.

Mieko’s previous owners were moving into an apartment and could not accommodate her anymore.

“She used to run on carpet where there was a lot of grip,” Holly said.

“Mieko seems to forget she’s living on hardwood floors now and she slips and slides everywhere.”

Holly describes her fur baby as a total “sass queen”.

“You have to earn her love every day and sometimes she will just completely ignore you,” she said.

“But when she does hop on over to you, you feel like an absolute star.”

The little bunny has been known to show her affection in distant ways, but Holly claims she is a bit of a hoverer.

“She sometimes slides on up to you and hovers around your feet,” she said.

Beth added: “If we’re lucky she’ll hop up and watch a movie with us.”

All laid out like a sausage, Mieko relaxing.

The best way to earn her love is through her stomach, Holly says, usually with something sweet like a strawberry — but celery, coriander and carrots also does the trick.

She enjoys cheek scratches too.

Unlike their other pet, Tilly, a golden retriever, Mieko’s love is conditional.

The housemates have to keep the two pets apart most of the time, so Mieko is an inside rabbit with her living quarters in the lounge room.

Holly claims she shares some characteristics with the late Harry Houdini.

“So often I turn my back and she’s already escaped from her cage,” she said.

“She’s absolutely fearless and will chase after food in the face of danger.”

Holly feeds Mieko.

On one occasion Holly left the living room for 15 minutes and in that time Mieko escaped from her cage and made a beeline for the cupboard.

Holly returned to find a 3kg bag of sugar gnawed away at, with Mieko having ingested nearly a third of her tiny body weight.

“She was flying around the house after that,” Holly said.

Not even a piece of cardboard the housemates had placed in front of the cupboard could make it rabbit-proof — Mieko chewed through that as well.

On another occasion a packet of un-frozen Zooper Doopers fell victim to a Mieko chewing.

Now there is a plywood board in front of the cupboard and the household is weary of leaving any cables out, as Mieko has chewed through one or two.

“We really love her,” Holly said with a smile. "I’m not sure why but we just do.”


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