Pet owners beware - hot temperatures can kill your furry friends

By Morgan Dyer

Taking a dip, reaching for a cool drink and flicking on the air conditioning are simple ways for us humans to stay cool when temperatures soar.

However, spare a thought for those who can’t help cool themselves so easily; our beloved fur friends.

High temperatures can be detrimental for some pets, with the heat having the potential to kill some animals within minutes.

Shepparton’s GV Vets Veterinarian Courtney McGrath said heat stroke was a major concern for dogs.

“If (a) dogs’ body elevates to a certain temperature it destroys their organs which can lead to organ failure,” Dr McGrath said.

“This can happen rapidly and even within a matter of minutes” she said.

Although the clinic had thankfully treated limited heat stroke cases in recent months, they were urging pet owners to ensure they prepare their pets for the boiling conditions.

Dr McGrath said ensuring animals had plenty of water and ideally being kept inside were the best ways to protect your pet.

“If they are kept outside make sure they have a range of different sources of water available,” Dr McGrath said.

“A kid paddle shell pool or making them some icy treats are great ways for animals to cool themselves down.”

Dr McGrath said dogs could only sweat through their paws and needed to pant to cool down.

“Short nose breeds and overweight dogs are more at risk of heat stroke because they can find it difficult to regulate their body temperature,” she said.

The RSPCA is also urging pet owners to never leave their pets in cars and urging the community to ring ‘000’ if a pet is found to be trapped in a hot car.