The adorable and mischievous Mr Weenie

By Ilias Bakalla

Shepparton’s Mr Weenie is gracing the internet with his presence.

The six-month-old miniature dachshund regularly posts on his Instagram page — @theoriginalmrweenie — controlled by his ‘mum and dad’ Georgia Palma and Xhemil Hasan.

Georgia “loves” to dress him up in costumes for Instagram, but she needs to use treats to get him to comply.

“I’ve got a lobster costume, a spider and even Santa Claus,” Georgia said.

“I really want to get him a hot-dog costume.

“I always grew up with Jack Russells but I really wanted a sausage dog, so we got one when I moved out of home.”

The couple bought Mr Weenie when they purchased a house together.

Xhemil always had cats growing up but he is glad to have Mr Weenie, as he feels dogs have more “personality”.

“We recently went on holiday to Jamieson and took Mr Weenie with us up there with friends,” he said.

Xhemil and Georgia happy with their miniature Dachshund, Mr Weenie.

Georgia said Mr Weenie had only just found his voice and started barking at the dog that moved in next door.

“We have to keep him on the lead at parks because he’ll just run off and chase the ducks,” Georgia said.

Xhemil found a rabbit at work one day and decided to adopt it, naming him Greystache.

Mr. Weenie needs to stay on his lead in the park.

The couple soon learnt they had to keep Mr Weenie and Greystache separate.

“He (Mr Weenie) was on his lead and lunged at the rabbit, biting it,” Georgia said.

“Now Mr Weenie licks his lips when he sits at the rabbit cage.

“We thought they were friends, but apparently not.”

Despite the clash with the rabbit, Xhemil thinks Mr Weenie has a “great sense of humour”.

“He is treated like a human at home,” Xhemil said.

“I like it when he watches TV upside down.”

“In the morning around five o’clock he’ll jump up on to our bed for a cuddle.”