My Pet: A tale of puppy love

By Jessica Ball

When Sophie de Wys met Kellie McGrath, Poppi was part of the deal.

The 24-year-old Shepparton woman said having the lovable Labrador in their lives had only strengthened their relationship.

“I think you kind of see how one another reacts to a dog who can't tell you what's wrong, and it makes you see how much they can care for something else,” Sophie said.

Poppi is the older and wiser of these partners in crime.

But it did not take Sophie long to discovered Poppi's shedding could have been a deal-breaker.

“When I was petting Poppi my eyes started to get really itchy and I was like, "OMG, I'm starting to welt up" — and then we found out that I was actually allergic,” she said.

“Poppi is really in touch with humans, if you're feeling sad she knows and she will come over and she will put her paws up on your knees and come up for a big cuddle.

“It's so cute, and how can you be like `no, I'm allergic'? It's just too sweet.”

For Sophie, it was 100 per cent worth living on antihistamines; so much so, the couple soon decided to add a second Labrador to their family.

The energetic Phoebe broke two bones within a week of Sophie de Wys and Kellie McGrath brining her home.

Enter Phoebe. Even as a puppy, this energetic pooch threw her body into everything, quickly giving an insight into her boisterous personality.

“We got Phoebe three years ago, and we had her for a week and in a week she broke her tibia and fibula,” Sophie said.

“She's just that full of energy, will throw her body in any way, shape or form — and she can jump really high.

“I'll know someone's here because she barks to let me know before the doorbell rings.”

These days, Poppi and Phoebe are just as inseparable as Sophie and Kellie.

Phoebe and Poppi enjoying their close-ups.

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