Judge urges media to warn drug dealers

By AAP Newswire

A South Australian judge has "implored" the media to get the message out - drug dealers will very likely go to jail.

Sentencing Robin Johnathon Perks over a cannabis growing operation on a property in Adelaide's north, District Court Judge Stephen McEwen said general deterrence, to stop others from engaging in the drug trade, only worked if the community had access to accurate information.

"I earnestly implore those who disseminate news to get the message out there," Judge McEwen said on Wednesday.

"Drugs are a ubiquitous and serious problem in society.

"Consumers of drugs are treated with a degree of sympathy and assistance to address their drug problem.

"Suppliers of drugs are treated very differently by the law. If you make that decision to get into the supply chain of drugs you are very likely to go to jail," Judge McEwen said.

"Again, I implore those who disseminate news to get that message to the community."

Searching Perks' One Tree Hill property in June last year, police found about five kilograms of dried cannabis inside a shed.

A second shed was divided into two grow rooms, each with six young cannabis plants set up under lights with watering systems.

Judge McEwen said the value of the dried cannabis was up to $88,000, depending on how it was sold.

He said Perks, 42, had no prior offending and his family was paying a heavy price for the very poor choices he made.

"It is very unfortunate to see an otherwise good family man and contributing member of the community go to jail," he said.

"Sentencing judges take no joy from it, but that is the law."

Judge McEwen imposed a sentence of just over two years and 11 months with a non-parole period of 15 months.