Tat Chat - Merrigum Bowls Club

By Shepparton News

Our visit to Tallygaroopna was a bit of a letdown as we failed to win a rink. The green was running very well and the conditions were ideal for bowls, but overall we were well beaten by a much better balanced team.
Jim Arthur played B. Rutherford and lost by four shots. The Merrigum combination was in front by two shots after 15 ends, but sadly it dropped 11 shots on the next two ends to surrender any chance it had of winning
Rob Dennis drew G Murphy and also lost by four shots. After seven ends they were nine shots down, but by end 18 the scores were level. However, in the final ends they dropped a six which effectively put an end to their chances.
Joe Chant played Shane Carter and lost by nine shots. At smoko there was only one shot the difference, but the home side went up a gear after the break and the Merrigum combination couldn’t match it.
In the final game, Glen Denham played Bill Conley and lost by 16 shots. The score was 16 all on end 16, so you can see the home side took over after that and the visitors were left behind.
The news wasn’t much better in Tuesday pennant when we visited East Shepparton. Lee Chant, Wayne Shepherd, Noreen Earl and Sally Horan played Josie Italia and won by two shots. This game was nip and tuck all day, but the Merrigum visitors hung on to gain a valuable two points.
Wendy Baxter, Joe Chant, Gale Muston and Maureen Shepherd played V. Le Lievre and managed to hang on for a draw. At the start of the “championship” ends they led by eight shots, but couldn’t manage a single shot over the last five ends to snatch the draw.
In the final game, Kerry Dennis went down to Tegan Trewren by nine shots.
Thank you to East Shepparton for being host for the day as our green has been renovated. It was greatly appreciated.
Our Christmas dinner is on Saturday at 6.30 pm for a 7 pm start. Hope to see you all there.
The green renovation looks great, but already the corellas have decided to pay us another visit. I love all our fauna, but there is a limit.
Please have your raffle books back to Lee as soon as possible. Thanks to all our members who have already sold and returned their books.

— Young Joe