Tat Chat - Merrigum Golf Club

By Shepparton News

Merrigum's stroke round on Saturday didn't get off to a good start for one player who arrived with his cart, but minus his clubs. This is not the first time he has been so filled with excitement about a game of golf that he has left his clubs behind, but fortunately he lives within close proximity a little north of the golf club, so the 15 minute delay getting on the course was of little consequence.

The day was dominated by the Doherty clan with Simon winning A-grade with a score of 82-13-69 and Craig winning B-grade with 90-21-69. Craig will find he has a shot less to play with next time as he yo-yos around the 20-21 handicap mark. He is a way better golfer than his handicap suggests, that is for sure.

Simon lost a portion from his handicap too, but not enough to make a difference in the short term. The good turnout meant balls went to Jeff Parry 70, Bruce Andrews and John Fuller 71 and Barry Webber 72. Nearest the pins were won by Simon Doherty on the sixth, Bruce Brown on the ninth, Clint Prygoda on the jackpot 12th and James Campbell on the 14th. The chook shed challenge was a tie so will jackpot to next week.
Simon Doherty has had a good week, winning Thursday's twilight competition with a score of 43-6.5-36.5, giving him a two-shot buffer over his closest rival. His putter was also mildly warm, winning least putts with 17. His four points put him back in the running for the overall competition just one point behind brother Craig.

Russell Speed made his first appearance for the summer and was the runner-up with a round of 52-13.5-38.5. Andrew Wood was closest to the pin on the jackpot ninth and the two point cut was 42.
Saturday's event is par, so tee times can be booked by contacting the captain. Get in early, spots are filling fast.